Antioch Baptist Church


Missions at Home

We here at Antioch are well aware of the need for the gospel in our own community and domestic soil not just overseas. We organize mission trips to other parts of the country, several outreach projects in our community, and participate with other local church’s in evangelistic efforts. We also believe that every day, we as believers in Christ are called to spread the gospel in any opportunity we are given by God, whether at work, amongst family and friends, or where ever our lives may take us. So we promote the idea that every church member is a missionary wherever they go.

Missions Abroad

Antioch is quite the mission-minded little church with five full-time missionary families now on the field from right here within the Body of the church. Our support and heart for missions at home and all over the globe stems from our vision of, “Growing the Christian Family at Home and Abroad.” Antioch is responsible for 6 church plants in Africa, including “Antioch Baptist Churches” in Sudan, the Congo and Kenya, as well as a Mission/Church/Orphanage plant under the name of Antioch Baptist Mission in India.” We have also sent out over 50 individuals through more than 2 dozen trips since 1997 in order to further the Gospel and reach people in Africa, South America, South Carolina, Maryland, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Southeast Asia, Canada, India, Thailand, and many others too numerous to recall. This worldwide outreach does not obscure the fact that there are needy and those without Christ right here in our own backyard, perhaps the greatest mission field of all. In an effort to fulfill the scriptures we try to assist all those in need that we are aware of in any way possible, as well as always keeping our doors open to the stranger in need , or as we call them, “our friends we haven’t met yet!”