Antioch Baptist Church

Arise Community Revival, Spring 2024

If hallowed walls once filled with life,
Exists a sleeper now filled with stife.
Its beauty is still beyond compare,
As this beauty lies sleeping yet unaware,
That God chose this beauty His will to achieve
A beauty made up of all who believe.
God’s sons and daughters,
You and me.
It is we who sleep while His heart we grieve.
It is far past time we awake and become,
The beauty He desires,
Ambassadors of The Son.
So, awaken oh Church,
Let’s slumber no longer.
Let’s ARISE from the pews and in Him be stronger.
Stronger in loving, Stronger in life.
Refuting the enemy, his lies and his strife.
As wise as serpents,
As harmless as doves,
May we heed our Lord’s call,
Arise My Love.
MDC 2022

Sunday March 24 @ Antioch

Monday March 25 @ Timberlake

Tuesday March 26 @ Red Mountain

Wednesday March 27 @ Bethany

7:00 P.M. Nightly

Special Music Nightly

Info: 336-364-3606 / 336-597-3755

Video Replays

Night 1