Antioch Baptist Church

Streaming Services YouTube Migration

Antioch’s streams our Sunday morning worship services and Wednesday Bible study services live every week on our Watch Live page. This technology serves as part of our church’s outreach and continues to reach all corners of the globe on a regular basis. As part of our efforts to improve and continue providing this service at home and abroad, we are migrating our video streaming services to a new service platform.

YouTube LiveOver the course of the next few weeks, we aim to completely migrate our live streaming from our current provider to YouTube. This brings several benefits, including a more robust streaming service, better compatibility with desktops, tablets and smart phones, stream event notifications and the ability to pause live video. Also, with Adobe Flash support ending for Firefox and Chrome desktop browsers, our current Flash based player would have eventually been rendered unusable.

More Of the Same

Our live stream video player will still be located on the same page on our website. We will still continue broadcasting each service in its entirety. Sunday morning streaming will begin around 10:55 am and Wednesday Bible Study will begin around 6:55 pm. And whether you view the stream with a laptop, desktop, smart phone, tablet, etc., those devices should still work.

Any Streaming Changes?

Many aforementioned positive changes are coming, including notifications to your device at the start of our live stream and DVR capabilities if you need to pause the stream. YouTube’s infrastructure is also more robust and should improve the video quality and performance, although you will still require a moderately fast internet connection for the best results.

One change to this service has to deal with broadcasting music protected by copyright. On occasion we are brought music for music specials. While we can legally play this media during worship, we are not allowed to broadcast this content by any means. In these cases we will display a temporary message and return to our stream.

Following Up

As we continue to tweak our online streaming capabilities, please pardon some of the inevitable difficulties we may run into during the next few weeks to months. If you would like to provide feedback, positive or negative, email us at our webmaster mail account.

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