Antioch Baptist Church


Dearest Family & Friends of Antioch,

As we begin to watch the communities in and around North Carolina recuperate and clean up in the aftermath of hurricane Florence it is with deepest sincerity that I ask you to be more in prayer for these folks than ever, as they most certainly need our support, prayers and help in any way we can provide.  So many have asked me how we are going to help and until we know more of the actual needs and how we can best take care of them my answer is simple pray, pray and then pray some more that God will direct you as to how you can get involved and further take the time to go to one of these two sites that we know are trustworthy in their handling of disaster situations such as this and donate resources to help mobilize these wonderful relief efforts. Most assuredly these are not the only two groups that are legit and doing an incredible job, just two that I can confirm are already doing a great job so please prayerfully consider your part and keep on praying for those who who are struggling. God bless you all…

Pastor Dave